Working weeks

November 22, 2007
The last 2 weeks I have been working really hard on my Product Innovation project. So naturally I've had little time to write a post.I haven't really told you about the project I am working on with my Portuguese colleague João. We are working on modernizing the distributing of medical x-ray photo's. More specific, we are developing a software front-end for doctors to view x-ray pictures over the internet. If you think that this sounds complicated, you are right, that's why it's been taking a lot of time and effort :-)But we were able to convince the professor and most classmates with our presentation this monday. The presentation itself was rather boring and not well prepared (I spend way too much time programming the prototype) - but the demonstration of this prototype was more successful.Only one big presentation left for this course, and it's the most important one. On december 12th, each group has 5 minutes to give their pitch talk. This presentation is supposed to convince potential investors and venture capitalists to fund our great innovation idea. I found some great tips from Garr Reynolds on how to prepare and deliver a great presentation. On Guy Kawasaki's blog (a director of a VC firm with an amazing career) i read about The Art of Innovation, The Top 10 lies of Entrepreneurs and his 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint.
Besides all the work, I also had some fun :-) Nathalie was here thursday till monday and we went to a goa party on friday. Good sound system, great dj's and live's, too much people and thus extremely hot and sweaty. Saturday we had a mustache party in our apartment as a homage to Carlos, our mustached landlord.My parents were here to visit me from sunday till today. 3 diners with delicious food! Thanks l'homme père & la mama ;-) We also had lunch with a super friendly Portuguese colleague of my dad, Cpt. Carlos Mirpuri. Quite an experience. Too bad my parents had to leave so soon. The weather wasn't good, and I feel that they didn't get a proper view of my life here in Lisbon. Sorry guys that I was so busy with university projects..I hope I catched up on old news now :-) Time to start working on the new website for What's Cookin'?

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