Wide vs Deep

December 29, 2007
5 days ago in a post named the meaning of life I set a goal to learn something new every week.Yesterday I read a well written blogpost about a programmer who moved into management, and back. He comes up with a thought provoking theory about why some people are better managers and others better programmers:
Managers must work shallow and wide, while programmers must work narrow and deep. People who are naturally tuned to one particular method of work will not only enjoy their jobs a lot more, but be better at them. I didn’t say it was a particularly insightful theory.
Read the complete post even if you’re not interested in management. He makes some good points.Here's my dilemma: I hope I can be both deep and wide. It would be a pity to have studied 5 year of management just to realize that I'm not that kind of guy... ;-)

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