Visiting my city

October 22, 2007
Friday, Nathalie was here in Lisbon. We visited the city and saw some wonderful places (I should do this more often).
We started walking to the castelo, but stopped at this amazing miradouro. I don't know the name, but it is a really nice one. They have couches, chill lounge music and a breath-taking view of Lisbon. You can see where it is on this google map.We spend some time there chilling & relaxing before we climbed the streets up to the castle. From the castle I took this picture of the miradouro.

Castelo de São Jorge

Great news when we bought our tickets to see the castle: It's free for students studying in Lisbon and 50% off for other students. We started by walking around in the little town inside the castle walls. There are some beautiful narrow streets with cats and old ladies standing by the windows.As you can see I took some really nice pictures of Nathalie here. The light was great and she's so beautiful with her "Portuguese" tan.
From the walls we saw even more breath-taking views than earlier. You could see Praça de Figeuira and Praça de Comercio, as well as an amazing overview of Lisbon with the 25 de Abril bridge.A guy was playing medieval music on his guitar creating this medieval atmosphere in the castle. I could imagine knights and kings living here.
Just outside the castle a german man was making Tibetan influenced Mandala necklaces. In Tibetan Buddhism Mandala is a term used for a representation of the cosmos. The necklace has 5 (or 6) folded positions which represent a state in the creation of the cosmos. Jewelry with a deeper meaning. We liked it.


It was already late when we hurried to the other side of the city to see Belém. Belém is a parish of Lisbon famous as the place from which many of the great Portuguese explorers set off on their voyages of discovery. Too bad we were too late to enter the Jerónimos Monastery, the Padrão dos Descobrimentos and the Torre de Belém. We will have to come back some day to see these from the inside.We had a nice time in the park surrounding the tower.
We saw a beautiful sunset. It's amazing to see that the colours of everything around you change when the sun is going down. Lovely. Near the Tower there is a controversial monument in memory of the combatants of the Colonial war.
I had a great time today with my darling visiting the city I've been living in for the past month. I saw some interesting sights and breath-taking views. I also learned a lot by writing this blogpost and researching stuff on Wikipedia. :-)Please take a look at the other pictures I didn't post in this entry on the usual Flickr set.

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