The meaning of life

December 23, 2007
The old description of this blog used to be "About Ruby, Lisboa and the meaning of life". Well I've come to the conclusion that to understand the meaning of life, we have to understand the things around us. So I have set myself a new goal: try to learn something new, every day. Or at least every week. And I want to remember it.That's where this blog comes in. I will try to make a blog post about the things I learn, so that I won't forget it. (I tend to forget my thoughts pretty quickly)So to kick off the new venture: What did I learn today?Well, I learned about colors. More specifically about digital colors. I read an amazing blog post by Jeffrey Friedl on color spaces: how computers store and interpret colors.I bumped into this issue because I was having color problems with photos I shoot. I ended up reading a lot more than I planned, but it was very interesting. You should seriously consider reading it if you are interested in photography. If you ever wondered why pictures you take don't look the same as the real thing, this article gives a partial explanation.

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