Partition Recovery and Virus removing

February 28, 2009

If you ever find that some partitions are missing on your Windows PC, try using Active Partition Recovery. It saved my ass two times already.

Today I booted my bloody windows box and 3 partitions were missing, and I had a pretty bad Virus infection. Booting windows in safe mode i could remove the entries made to my system from the trojan and scan the systems folders for more trojans with ClamWin open source anti-virus software.

Problem 2 was a bit easier as I had already dealt with 'deleted' partitions before. Booting from the floppy and searching for the missing partitions was not too hard.

After two hours of misery, the machine is working again. I swear this is the last Windows box I'll ever buy. I'll probably replace it with a MacMini when the new version comes out.

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