La mama goes fifty

October 15, 2007
It's great to be in Lisbon with all the new people I've met and the friends I have. But from time to time you think about the people who are still in Belgium, in your hometown. Especially family: my mother & father, my brother Bruce and my little sister Daphne. Bruce is also studying abroad, in Barcelona.
This weekend we were all reunited in Ghent for a big party my mama was throwing with 3 friends of hers. All 4 of them are turning fifty and they wanted to celebrate. They studied pharmacy together in the 70's in Ghent. My mama made a website for this party with some hilarious pictures of that time. She'll probably update the website with pictures soon: www.4x50.beThe food was nice and student-like: pitta! hamburgers & fries. The ladies even had to drink a beer ad fundum. Lutje was the winner in this mini-cantus.
A belgian cover band, Coco Spirit, kicked off the dancing with well played covers of famous songs. The crowd got wild during some french meezingers! The dj's did a nice job in keeping the party mood afterwards. The 4 ladies sure know how to organize a great party.I had a lot of fun with my old mate Jérôme. What a welcome surprise to see him yesterday! It was really nice to chat with him and my cousins again.The ArtCube, the venue where the party was, is a nice, big and yet cozy place. It felt like an old warehouse that has been revived for these kinds of parties. You can take a look at the pictures I took with this flickr guestpass.Today I changed my plane tickets so I could stay one more day. I had a wonderful time here. But it's cold in Belgium so I'm also happy to go back to Lisbon tomorrow.

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