Job opportunities for a graduate business engineer.

November 19, 2008
Today we had a job fair at our university. Many companies gave short presentations to introduce themselves and talked about what job offers they have and why we should apply for them. It's a nice PR event where you get to know employees and the companies they work for. Some companies, like Accenture and Hudson, really impressed me. Accenture fosters innovation and creativity, and seems to invest a lot in developing the skills of it's employees. Their focus towards technology sparked my interest. Hudson on the other hand seems to be an ideal place for people with international ambitions. They match job offers with resumes over the whole world.But even Delhaize attracted quite a lot of interest from fellow students who are looking for more traditional management work. Apparently you can apply for the position of store manager after an internship of only 18 months. This job is way to narrow minded for me though.I found it a bit disappointing that there were so many tax & auditing firms present, yet so little innovation & technology driven businesses. The companies I would love to work for would be Apple, IDEO, Intel and I guess Accenture too. If I haven't founded my own start-up by then :-) .At any rate, I've put my resume online for anyone who is interested.

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