First days in Lisboa

September 15, 2007

Pfieuw, I have been in Lisboa for 4 days but I haven’t had the time to write anything. So I will try to write a few posts over the next few days..


Lisboa Airport

September 11th, maybe not a good date to take a plane, but everything went just fine. The airport people at Brussels airport didn’t complain about our excess luggage and the plane left on time.A little over 3 hours later we (Alec, Nathalie & me) arrived in Lisboa with about 35kg of luggage each. Luckily there was a bus-line going straight to the youth-hostel where we booked 2 nights.First thing that struck us when we arrived at Lisboa airport was the excessive use of George Clooney’s face in advertisements. Maybe he’s a local hero?People in Lisboa are very friendly. The difference with Belgian people is quite big. You can ask anyone for help here.

First impressions of the city

Parque Eduardo

After dropping our luggage at the hostel we took a walk to the Universidade Nova, the university where we’ll be taking our courses this semester. On the way there we crossed Parque Eduardo (foto). It’s a nice park with a lovely view over Marquês de Pombal.Walking through Lisboa is more exhausting than you think. Streets are very steep, going up and down a lot. They call this city “Lisboa, cidade de 7 colinas” because it was build on 7 hills. Now I’m starting to see what that means :-)Some parts of Lisboa are really beautiful, some aren’t. I guess this is the case for every city this size. I like the colourful houses and the old buildings.We met a nice american named Chris that evening in the bar of the hostel. He was traveling around Europe for 3 weeks. Friendly guy.So that was our first day in Lisboa. I was very tired when I fell asleep, but I felt excited too. Curious about what was going to happen in next days..

I will write again soon! Check out the other pictures I took on this flickr set

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