F1Time Tool - Sinatra App

December 22, 2008
I've been playing an online F1 manager game for a couple of weeks. F1Time is a manager simulation game with great depth and the right level of complexity. I like it.I wrote a small tool to extract laptime data from the race reports so it can be easily analyzed in MS Excel. I wrote it as a Sinatra webapp. Sinatra is a Ruby DSL for writing small webapps with a minimum amount of code. This tool was written in 35 lines of code.It's open source, so you can view (or fork) the sourcecode on github.F1Time managers: You can simply copy & paste the html code of your race report HERE, and it will generate a table that you can copy/paste into Excel. (to get the html code from the race report: right click and click "View page source")

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