January 14, 2008
I haven't posted in a while so I'll let you know how my exams are going. On 4 January I took the Product Innovation exam. This course was very interesting and well thought (by Luis Filipe Lages, a great teacher/professor) so studying for it wasn't very hard. Being properly motivated can make such a difference. From our class of 15 students, nobody failed. Alec and me both finished with a superb 18/20 :-) I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in innovation & entrepreneurship.Next exam was on 7 January: Logistics & Supply Chain Management. We didn't receive many classes as the professor was often not able to attend. Much of it we already learned in previous years. The exam wasn't hard and the professor likes too give a lot of points. Didn't learn much from this course.Yesturday, 12 January, was the hardest exam. Damn. Analysis of Industry and Competition. There was a lot of micro economics involved with theoretical models to show how certain situations affect competition in a given Industry. The course was rather interesting but very theoretic. The professor (who looks a little like Fez from that 70s show) did a good job to keep it interesting. It's really a shame that the exam was such a problem: WAY too little time to solve all questions, so you rush through most of the computations without taken much time to think. This not only makes it stressful and unpleasant, it also punishes students who want to tackle the questions thoroughly. Giving the students half an hour more (or reducing the number of questions) would have made it a lot less frustrating. 15 minutes after the exam most answers popped into my head, blaaargh, frustrating..Tomorrow the last one.. Bluurgh, International Business. It might have been an interesting course if the professor wasn't so lazy, sleepy, unenthusiastic and constantly leaving the classroom to smoke and drink coffee. On top of that she has such a boring voice and a blank stare. No, this really drains your motivation to put effort in this mildly interesting subject.So I better get off and hit the books!

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