Dairy entry, 20 September

September 21, 2007

Expo 98

Today we finally got our metro & bus pass. That took a while. We've been trying to get one for 3 days, but it seems we always arrive a few minutes after closing time.In the afternoon Alec and I joined Anne, Andy & Monika from our apartment at the expo 98 part of Lisbon. It's a modern, high-rise building area with some nice architecture. Lovely fountains there as you can see. Although I like the modern buildings and the Vasco da Gama bridge, I prefer the cozy and older houses of the Bairro Alto area.( someone will be happy I took this picture :) )

Vanilla Sky

When we got back, the light of the sunset through the clouds gave everything a gorgeous colour. Somewhat of a vanilla sky as you can see in this picture. (more pictures on my flickr account)

Lightning storm

Back at our apartment we ate a decent telepizza we picked up on the way home. While we were chatting it started to rain, and a few minutes later we could hear thunderstorms. This was the first time I tried to take pictures of lightning so they are far from perfect. Here are a few others i took this evening

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