Classes at Nova

September 20, 2007

Classes started

Classes started this Monday. We're following some nice courses. I guess Product Innovation is my favourite. It's a creative course heavily influenced by the MIT university.Master courses at Nova are very open and practically oriented. We're also attending Analysis of Industry and Competition, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Business (if our home university approves).

New cultures

It's very interesting to meet and talk to people from other cultures. We've met some nice German guys (like Sascha and Thore) , eastern european people (we're living with Polish, Slovian, Czechian and Slovakian people) and Swedish lads (Per Anders is a funny guy with a horde of female swedish friends).Today we were watching the Champions Leagues games in a Spanish bar down our street and met a lovely Scottish couple. Extremely friendly people who offered us a fine scottish whisky I couldn't refuse.

Discussion, links, and tweets

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