Catching up on erasmus experiences

December 23, 2007
There are still a lot of things I wanted to blog about, but I didn't have the time to do so. Here's a quick summary of everything that has happened since then:First there was Beatrice's party at our apartment. It was her birthday and we invited a lot of people. I think about 50 in our apartment in total. It was really fun and later that evening there was a gala from the economics faculty of Nova university. (that's were Alec and me are studying)
A week later there was a party in the apartment of some other erasmus people, but this really beat all records. I think about 200 people were there that night. Really amazing. An open area with stairs going from one side to the other. (I hope I can get a hold off some pictures) . 4 floors of party people. The name of the street of this apartment was "Rua de 1° Decembro" so they had to give a party there on the first of december. We met some belgian people who study in Ghent there.
On 6th december, we had a christmas party with the people living in my flat. We bought gifts for each other and had a 6 course dinner. Everyone had to cook a dish. Ana made guacamole, Monika made a lovely polish soup, Bali and Andy prepared an amazing slovakian dish, Anne served us a nice tartiflette, Alec and me stuffed everyone with cheese fondue and Lena finished everyone off with a delicious tiramisou. One thing did go wrong though: A full glass of white wine got spilled on my MacBook. (It was playing the music) . Luckily my MacBook survived after letting it dry for 3 days.That week we had our final presentation for the product innovation course. The idea of João and me finished second out of 7 groups. (This is fine, don't you think?). Alec's idea finished first of course :-) I can post the presentation if you want, it's about rPACS: a system for transferring medical images (X-rays) to doctors.That night we had a goodbye cheese fondue at our place. Most people are leaving to be home for the holidays , so it was a nice opportunity to get everybody together.
They day after the final 5 minute presentation I left back to belgium for the What's Cookin'? website launch party. The pictures of the party are online on the new website. The place was packed, everyone had a great time and we had the chance to tell people about our next great gig: 1st February, we are organising a whicked what's cookin' party in the Vooruit in Ghent. You might want to keep on eye on the what’s cookin’ blog because I think Jan will announce the headliner soon.
I stayed in Belgium for a week. It was nice to see my family back. But damn, It's cold in Belgium (-3°C). Last Thursday, we had kind of a christmas dinner with the family. Really nice. I enjoyed spending time with my brother, sister, Rossella and my parents, and playing with the Wii :-)So I got back to Lisbon yesterday. I came home to an empty apartment :-( Luckily the Dutch girls Daphne and Claire are staying here for the holidays, so I wasn't completely alone. And Nathalie is coming tomorrow to spend christmas here. That will be nice :-) Argh crap, I should be studying now for the exams coming up in 2 weeks.So, I hope I brought you guys back up to speed on what's been happening here.

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