Another great week

September 27, 2007
It's been almost a week since my last blogpost, sorry about that. I've been quiet busy the last couple of days. So I'll give you all a little update.

Friday: 1st erasmus party

Last friday was the first erasmus party, which i think every erasmus student in Lisbon attended. The place was so packed and hot it was like the concert room of the Vooruit in Gent.Before going to the party we had a nice warming up at our apartment. There must have been about 25 people in our kitchen. We invited a couple of friends and had a good time. I've uploaded my photos on flickr.We left to the party after midnight. People had to wait an eternity to get this erasmus-lisboa card which in the end wasn't even mandatory. After that my memories are a bit blurry (i blame the whisky)

Lovely weekend with my darling

This weekend Nathalie was here in Lisbon. It was great to see and be with her again! We went to Carcavelos beach on sunday. I forced myself to stay in the sun to get a little tan. (Nathalie is so tanned from sitting in the sun in Coimbra, so I had to catch up a little). She's starting to look like a portugeese chick. Quiet hot if I may say so. It was a beautiful day without clouds on a big sandy beach. I had a wonderful time with mi daarling!I was sad that I had to say goodbye to her monday, 2 weeks until I see her again. Then I'll go to Coimbra and visit the city and maybe go to Porto too. Thanks for coming liefje! Aai miss joe allreddie & sorry van de voetbal-distractie!

University work

With all this relaxing I almost forgot we have to got to classes on mondays & wednesdays. We have this exciting assignment for the product innovation course: we need to conceive a new product or innovate an existing one. That's basically what we'll be doing for the whole semester. So monday we had to come up with 5 new product ideas. I've heard some really funny stuff and some ideas with potential. Mine were quiet crazy too: A cocktail mixing machine, a self heating spoon for easy ice-cream serving, using your cellphone as a key, ..

Costa da Caparica: surf paradise

Tuesday Alec convinced me to go with him and Sascha to Costa da Caparica (usually called Costa Caipirinha). I liked how we were driving by the palm-tree streets in a car full of sand with cuban music.Costa da Caparica is a nice beach. The waves were nice and there were a lot of other surfers. While Alec, Sascha and his german friends were surfing (or at least trying to) I took some nice pictures of crazy guys riding the waves.We had a tosta mista (croque monsieur) at the beach bar before we headed back to the university for Sascha's class. Going to the beach in the morning before you start working is nice. I am really starting to enjoy the lifestyle here.

2nd erasmus party @ Mercado

That night, after a few 2 euro caipirinha's from our usual warming up bar, we went to take a look at the 2nd erasmus party. It was in a smaller bar than the first party, which was nice. This party was much more fun! After a few drinks I somewhat forgot I had to give a presentation in class the next day.Don't worry, the presentation went quiet alright today. Time to get some sleep now :-)

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