2 years What's Cookin'?

May 6, 2008

Last Saturday we had our 2 year anniversary party with 1200 Warriors: Junior and Choco, 2 super friendly New Yorkers who never played in Europe before. Man, they sure know how to entertain a room full party people! Our camera friend made a nice babbelbox movie which summarizes what people think about What's Cookin' :-)

I had a really really great time. Normally I have a lot of work during my own parties, but this time we found enough people to work for us. Clair, Daphne, Anne and Rebecca from erasmus in Lisbon were here too, that made it even more special!
Thanks guys! And thanks to everybody who was there to party! Quote from Junior & Choco after the Party:

We wish we were still there !!!!!! Thanks for bringing us out and having a blast Much love to everyone in Ghent See you soon 1200 Warriors


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